Household Product Standards

We were born in the great outdoor state of Colorado, which makes camping, hiking and mountain meadow picnics part of our heritage and our favorite pastimes.

It’s why we stock things like compostable cups, plates and straws, and hardwood charcoal that is chemical free, low ash and comes in biodegradable bags. It’s why we carry a full range of free & clear cleaning products because we know it’s not an epic camping trip if it doesn’t bring a little extra dirt home afterward.

We also carry all kinds of everyday household products to keep your family’s lifestyle clean and green in the most convenient way possible. Our purchasing team scours the planet for all the things that are kind to this planet, and we have a comprehensive selection from toilet paper made of bamboo and sugarcane, to compostable lunch bags that your kid won’t mind taking to school. If your baking binge demands unbleached, chlorine-free waxed paper or baking cups — we have them. If you’re looking for party napkins made from 100% recycled materials or certified compostable trash bags, like we always say — just ask. We carry brands that have been defining eco-friendly for decades, along with exciting up and comers, and we’re united by our common goal of leaving this planet better than we found it. We know that together is the only way to get there.

We believe you have the right to full disclosure, so you can make the most informed choices about the products you use. It’s why we require all our household products to provide a full ingredient list, even though there are no regulations mandating it. We believe that every choice counts when it comes to healing our planet, and we rely on current environmental science to inform our product standards. We seek products that are ethically sourced, sustainably produced and innovatively effective when we choose what we put on our shelves.

The things we DON’T allow:

  • Artificial Fragrances using toxic petroleum by-products and endocrine disrupting phthalates aren’t endangering our kids, in the name of clean clothes and tidy homes.

  • Synthetic Colors from potentially carcinogenic coal tar dyes aren’t making our dish soaps and cleaning sprays unnaturally pretty.

  • Chlorines, as in poisonous gases, aren’t lending unnecessary risks to our cleaning essentials.

  • Any ingredients associated with health risks or environmental concerns aren’t hiding in our everyday household items, because there are enough things we can’t control, so we choose what we can for better health and a better planet

  • Animal Testing is a method we NEVER support.

The things we DO require:

  • Full disclosure ingredient lists: Current government policy allows a wide range of hidden ingredients to be used in household products, for the sake of proprietary formulas. We believe that none of us should be exposed to chemicals that are potentially hazardous to ourselves and the planet, without the right to choose.

  • Guarantee of authenticity: We cultivate relationships with our suppliers, building trust and transparency. We know their manufacturing practices, and we have proof that their products are what they claim to be.

The things we prioritize:

  • Certified Compostable is a feature we source whenever possible — it’s environmental stewardship through the entire lifecycle of a product.

  • Recycled Materials can be found in some form in almost all our household products.

  • Marine Life Stewardship. The vitality of our ocean ecosystems is in danger. We look for products that can deliver an everyday impact in the journey towards healing our waterways, from plant-based and bio-degradable “plastics” to free & clear “fish-friendly” ingredients.

  • Sustainable Production Practices. From solar power to strategic water management to zero-waste processes; we support partners who are consistently striving to reduce their carbon footprint through every step of the manufacturing process.

  • Sustainable Packaging made of recycled or plant-derived and bio-degradable materials are top of our list for products that support an eco-conscious lifestyle.

  • Mission Driven Empowerment giving back to communities and the planet through environmental and community outreach programs are the kinds of companies we are proud to partner with.