Our Story

Your health and wellbeing is our top priority that's why we go above and beyond

From the smallest detail to the largest, whether it’s refrigerating our nuts and seeds for freshness or only selling 100% organic and GMO-free produce, pasture-based dairy, and antibiotic and hormone-free meats… we are, and have always been, your original good4uSM Grocers. And how can we stake our claim for this unconventional title? It goes back to how our company was founded.

It was 1955.

Margaret Isely with child in Lakewood, CO in 1955

Margaret and Philip Isely, struggling, idealistic young parents, started Natural Grocers with $200 and a dream—a dream that everyone should be able to afford a healthy and active lifestyle. The inspiration for this dream came from their life experiences. Shortly after the birth of their second child, Margaret became ill. When conventional medicine was unable to help her, she turned to the health mavericks of that time: Adelle Davis and Roger J. Williams. She used the principles in Davis’ book, Let’s Get Well to heal her body with nutrition, which included eating nutrient-dense, natural foods, and taking dietary supplements.


It was a Call to Action.

After the remarkable improvement in Margaret’s health, brought on by following this simple nutrition regimen, our parents became true health crusaders. Borrowing $200 to help feed the family and put gas in the car, they went door-to-door in Golden, Colorado, lending out books on nutrition and giving out samples of whole grain bread. They would return a week or so later, discuss nutrition and take orders for supplements, bread, and other natural nourishing whole foods. Our parents taught us that Nutrition Education is the foundation for building health and being in control of your life, and that healthy living should be affordable.


Inspiring Change One Store at a Time.

Today, we are still making that dream of Nutrition Education and affordable health a reality. We are empowering the health and wellness in the communities we serve by offering the highest-quality products at Always Affordable prices, environmentally friendly practices, and by providing our employees with great jobs that pay well. Together we are spreading our parents' dream of igniting a good4u revolution across the country… and the world. What started out as a Colorado-based company, has now grown to over 167 stores and counting in 21 states, thanks to customers like you. Thank you for supporting our unique store — and story — but, most importantly our dream!


 – The Isely Family