100% Organic Produce

We wouldn't dream of selling produce coated with Apeel/Organipeel—not now, not ever!

ApeelTM and OrganipeelTM do not meet our high standards, therefore, we do not allow any produce coated with it on our shelves.

Every basket of strawberries, every bushel of apples, and every beet bunch in our produce department is 100% organic.

That's right, we only sell 100% organic produce, not 95%, not 75%, not 5%. Really and truly 100% organic. Unlike the other guys, (who proclaim in giant letters that they carry organic produce and make you trek all the way to the back just to find the teeny, tiny organic produce section) you don't have to worry about the risk of cross-contamination from synthetic pesticides, or waste time trying to figure out which apple varieties are organic. We're the only large grocery store chain to offer 100% organic produce, so isn't it about thyme to shop with us? Check out our wide selection of organic, always affordable produce today.