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We have something special in-store for you. And we mean literally in-store.

That something special is no small thing, it's everything we sell. We carefully select all our products, from the smallest ingredient to the way the food is grown, from fair trade to organic practices, only the best make it onto our shelves.

From the moment you walk into a Natural Grocers store, you'll notice the difference—the affordable difference. The difference is in our 100% organic produce, our 100% pasture-based dairy, our 100% free-range eggs, and our 100% conscientiously and humanely raised meats. The difference is in our Natural Grocers brand products—our family brand that is full of the highest quality ingredients, like organic heirloom tomatoes in our premium organic pasta sauce and organic apples in our apple cider vinegar, both grown on organic US family farms.

The difference is in our ecologically thoughtful household and body care products that are better for you and better for the environment. You'll notice the difference in the way we empower health by offering in-store Nutritional Health Coaches (NHCs), your go-to nutrition professionals who can help educate, excite, and ignite change.

Your health will definitely feel the difference as we have one of the largest selections of high-quality supplements—with over 5000 SKUs at always affordable prices to choose from—along with a knowledgeable crew, passionate and in-the-know about all things health-related.

From top to bottom on every shelf, and in every corner, you'll find products and people who help foster a brighter future and the promise of a better tomorrow for future generations to come.    

Let's explore what we have in-store...


Special requests:

Special Order Products

Our store staff can special order any food or supplement product for you. These orders generally take less than a week to arrive at the store for pick up and there is no additional charge for this service. Just call your local store or stop by to place a special order.

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Large Bulk Discounts

Large bags of bulk foods such as nuts, flours, rice, grains and others are available by special order in their original 10 to 50 pound containers at a discounted price per pound.

Please ask your store staff for current discounts available on large-sized bulk food special orders.

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Full Case Discounts

We no longer offer case discounts on products. Instead, we have case pricing for many top selling waters, ready to drink teas, aseptic milks, and bars. Customers who purchase these items by the case will receive case pricing. 

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Our products meet the highest standards

Our products have a purpose: to support the health and wellbeing of our communities. It's that simple. And it's that complex. We don't do shortcuts like the other guys because it helps their bottom line. We do the searching and the vetting – the scouring-the-earth kind of searching and vetting – to find only the best products. Because YOU and the planet we all share deserve nothing less.

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