Our Five Founding Principles

In 1955 our parents, Margaret and Philip Isely, started something amazing—Natural Grocers®. Natural Grocers grew organically from their visionary beliefs and has been nurtured by our (Margaret and Philip’s children’s and grandchildren’s) dedication to the same ideals and values. We care deeply about the health and wellbeing of our neighbors, our family, friends, community and planet. And we believe that everyone should be able to afford health and live in a thriving, regenerating environment.

Our Five Founding Principles are how our parents (and grandparents) worked to achieve these ideals and how we drive this visionary dream forward. These Principles shape our business practices. They are the heart of the Natural Grocers experience.

Nutrition Education

We are dedicated to providing Nutrition Education to the communities we serve. Empowering our neighbors, our family, friends, Crew and communities to take charge of their lives and their health is how we care for our community and the planet we all share. It is part of the foundation upon which our business is built.



We are committed to Quality. Every product on our shelves must go through a rigorous screening and approval process. Our standards ensure we provide the highest quality natural and organic groceries; health promoting supplements; natural body care products; wholesome Natural Grocers branded products; and only 100% USDA certified organic produce at the best prices. This is how we help everyone live in health and support a thriving, regenerating environment.


Always Affordable Pricing

We are committed to Always Affordable Pricing. We work hard to secure the best possible pricing on all of your favorite wholesome, natural foods and supplements, so that you can afford to take care of your health and the health of your loved ones. This is how we ensure you thrive and have access to the quality natural and organic products that help the planet thrive as well.



We are committed to our Community. From free nutrition education classes and health coaching sessions, to bag-free checkouts, to sourcing local products, to our donation program; we support our communities to help shape a better world for all.



We are committed to our Crew. Our Crew help make our company great and their wellbeing is our priority. We are passionate about ensuring that our Crew are able to live a healthy, balanced life. Supporting them with free nutrition education programs, good pay, excellent benefits and access to the highest quality, affordably priced products is how we keep our commitment to healthy Crew who are happy to provide world-class customer service to our customers.