Introducing Natural Grocers Brand Products

Premium Quality at an Affordable Price SM

Natural Grocers Brand Products


When it comes to house brands, it seems like everybody has one these days. When it comes to our brand, it’s a family legacy. It’s a giant step to provide our neighborhood with the healthiest options at prices that every family can afford. We choose products that represent not simply value, but our values — values that support small farmers, family businesses and environmental stewardship; values that have been defining our family’s mission since 1955, never compromising quality for the easy way through. When you see “hormone and antibiotic free,” “free range,” “pasture based” and “non-GMO” on our labels they mean what you expect them to mean, no loopholes. We choose to keep it real by letting our family values define the products we offer to your family. We want the stuff bearing our name to be the best that money can buy, while still leaving room in your wallet for those indulgences you crave. Because when it comes to house brands, we believe every family deserves the best in the house at an always Everyday Affordable Price.SM