Our Standards

Our products have a purpose: to support the health and wellbeing of our communities. It's that simple. And it's that complex. We don't do shortcuts like the other guys because it helps their bottom line. We do the searching and the vetting — the scouring-the-earth kind of searching and vetting — to find only the best products. Because YOU and the planet we all share deserve nothing less.  


100% Organic Produce Standards

We wouldn't dream of selling produce coated with Apeel/Organipeel—not now, not ever! 

ApeelTM and OrganipeelTM do not meet our high standards, therefore, we do not allow any produce coated with it on our shelves.  

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Body Care Standards

You're a natural. Shouldn't your body care products be just as natural? Welcome to body care that cares back.

Our Body Care Standards are much like the Empire State Building, which was the first building over 100 stories high and the world’s tallest structure for almost 40 years. In fact, we’ve been setting the highest standards for over 60 years, and we’ve been doing it way before it was the thing to do.

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Bulk Product Standards

Our Bulk Department is the trifecta of a grocery shopping win: quality, savings, and convenience

Our bulk department is different than the ones found at other grocery stores and farmers markets. What makes it so different? We think it comes down to our commitment to quality.

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Dairy Standards

Let them graze! That's our motto. Pasture-Based Dairy is our Standard.

To our knowledge, no other grocery store, farmer's market or online retailer sells only 100% pasture-based dairy, except us.

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Dietary Supplement Standards

Your health and the quality of the supplements you take are our priority

We're passionate about your health, it's our thing. Our Crew is always in-the-know about nutrition and receive on-going training from experts in the field. We only stock products we know to work—without questionable fillers, artificial colors, sweeteners and flavors, and other problematic ingredients.

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Egg Standards

At Natural Grocers, all the eggs we sell are 100% free range

We are dedicated to improving the health and wellbeing of farm animals. How we treat the animals that provide us with nourishment reflects our values. We are proud to say that in our 60 years plus of being in business, we have never sold eggs from caged hens.

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Fish & Seafood Standards

We prioritize sustainably certified, wild-caught fish & seafood for a healthier planet

We believe that sustainably certified, wild caught prioritizes. It prioritizes flavor—the savory nuance of its origins. It prioritizes the sustainability of our waterways and their ecosystems. We prioritize the details, saying NO to overfishing and vanishing species and YES to traceability. Our farmed seafood is organic, and the salmon is always non-GMO.

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Grocery Standards

Our shelves are stocked with the health of you, your family, and the planet in mind—and priced so your pocketbook can afford them.

Since 1955, we’ve been making the best, highest quality products affordable, that’s one of the reasons Natural Grocers was founded.

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Household Product Standards

We were born in the great outdoor state of Colorado, which makes camping, hiking and mountain meadow picnics part of our heritage and our favorite pastimes.

It’s why we stock things like compostable cups, plates and straws, and hardwood charcoal that is chemical free, low ash and comes in biodegradable bags. It’s why we carry a full range of free & clear cleaning products because we know it’s not an epic camping trip if it doesn’t bring a little extra dirt home afterward.

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Meat Standards

Welcome to the humane way to omnivore

We believe the wellbeing of our communities and our planet prosper when our food is humanely raised and sustainably farmed. That’s why we partner with local farmers and ranchers who regenerate our grasslands, reverse soil erosion, protect our waterways, and preserve habitats for future generations. When the health of all living things is the foundation for farming practices, we promote economic viability and environmental harmony.

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Pet Product Standards

They’re a part of the family, our four-legged, furry best friends.

It’s why we subject our pet care products to the same standards that we demand our less furry family members. Our pets deserve real food, high in nutritional value and free of anything that may cause harm. It’s why we carry a variety of tasty options that don’t have common allergens like corn, soy and wheat.

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